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At this moment in time you may not have heard of Assault Management, but we hope that some of you will endeavour to join us.

Assault Management is as it says, a means of ‘managing’ an assault situation. Of course there are different methods of achieving this, so we have designed a 'one-stop' approach through a progressive skills development Programme. It takes the form of three Modules, Assault Defence, Assault Protection and Assault Control.

Assault Defence is the first Module, which is the only Module taught openly to the public and consists of three Levels of development. Each of the three Levels have a distinct theme and skills application, be it with the common factor of defence. It has been formulated on the basis of individual needs in both social and workplace environments.

Born of Necessity

Time or rather the lack of it dictates our lifestyle today. Who has time to join Self Defence/Martial Art classes for something that may never happen? Not a very good reason in this age of increasing violence, however it is understandable. Largely with this in mind, Assault Management can be regarded as a lifestyle method in defending one's life, as it designed to achieve rapid results to allow us to get on with our lives without spending countless hours at a gym practising repetitive techniques or kicking bags.  This is done without sacrificing effectiveness.

We believe that as each of us have our own lifestyle requirements, it therefore makes sense that each particular Module/Level, whilst seamlessly building upon the previous Module/Level, can also stand alone upon it's completion. This means, that although it is advised to complete the three Levels of Assault Defence, a student will find that the first Level alone may meet their requirements and could then cease to attend any further classes. This might appear to be leaving a student vulnerable in some assault situations by finishing their progression, but not everyone has enough time, inclination or necessity to take on problems that others may encounter in their life. Of course the greater the needs, the greater the skills that are required. It is solely left to the individual to decide that for themselves

Defending our lives should be something that easily slots into our hectic lifestyle without a fuss, in much the same way as going to work, taking the kids to school, or walking the dog.

Sophisticated Simplicity

A fresh, innovative alternative to current options. Assault Management is as sophisticated as any classic Martial Art, yet as simple as any form of Self Defence. It has been designed and built from a clean and clear perspective, based on what we feel are necessary requirements for today’s forms and levels of assault. It is not a hybrid, eclectic, mixed, or modified form of Martial Art, Street fighting or Self Defence.

Please take the time to read through our Website and contact us with any question or enquiry that you may have.

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Updated : 16/11/15